the Gods

Aker - "the Bender"
Guardian of the traveling sun.
Ammut - "Dead-Swallower"
Demon; ate souls.
Anubis - "the Royal Child"
Jackal-god of mummification.
Disk of the sun.
Amon - "the Hidden One"
Theban king of the gods.
Anqet - "Embracing Lady"
Water goddess of Elephantine.
Snake who tried to kill the sun.
Atum - "the Complete One"
God of the setting sun.

Baal - "Lord," "Power"
Semetic god of storms
Bastet - "Devouring Lady"
Cat-goddess of the home.
Buto - "She Who is Green"
Cobra-goddess of Lower Egypt
Ancient celestial cow-goddess.
Dwarf-god of music & warfare.

Duamutef - "Praising his Mother"
Protected stomach of the dead.

Geb - "Earth"
God of the earth.

Hapi - "Runner"
God of the Nile.
Hathor - "House of Horus"
Cow-goddess of love & music.
Frog-goddess of infinity.
Hapy - "Runner"
Guarded the lungs of the dead.
God of infinity.
Horus - "High, Above"
Falcon-god of the sun.

Ihy - "Sistrum-Player"
Son of Hathor, god of jubilation
Imsety - "the Kindly One"
Guarded the liver of the dead.
Imhotep - "He Comes in Peace"
Vizier of Djoser; son of Ptah.
Isis - "the Throne"
Goddess of magic.

Khepera - "Comes Into Being"
Beetle-god of the rising sun.
Khonsu - "Traveler"
Theban god of the moon.
Khnemu - "Protector/Enricher"
God of the Nile inundation.

Ma'at - "Truth"
Goddess of order & truth.
Meshkhent - "Birthing Place"
Brick-goddess of childbirth.
Min - "the Firm One"
God of male fertility.
Mut - "Mother"
Theban mother-goddess
Meretseger - "Loves Silence"
Goddess of the Valley of the Kings.
Mihos - "True Before Them"
Lion-god, son of Bastet.
Montu - "Nomad"
Egyptian god of war.

Nefertem - "Lotus"
Memphis god of the lotus.
Nekhebet - "She of Nekheb"
Vulture-goddess of Upper Egypt.
Nun - "Abyss"
God of the primordial waters.
Neith - "One Who Is"
Goddess of war & weaving.
Nephthys - "Mistress of the House"
Sister of Isis & wife of Seth.
Nut - "Sky"
Goddess of the sky.

Onuris - "Sky-Bearer"
Warrior and sky-god of Abydos.
Osiris - "He Sees the Throne"
Lord of the afterlife.

Ptah - "Creator"
Mummified creator god.

Qebehsenuef - "Brother's Cooler"
Protected intestines of the dead.
Qetesh - "Holy"
Semetic nature goddess.

Re - "Sun"
Creator god of the sun.
Reshep - "Lightning"
Warrior-god of storms.
Renenutet - "Nourishing Snake "
Goddess of the harvest.

Satet - "One Who Shoots"
Goddess of the Nile & fertility
Selket - "She Who Breathes"
Scorpion goddess of magic.
Seshat - "Lady Scribe"
Goddess of measurement.
Shu - "Dry"
God of the air.
God of the Memphis necropolis.
Sekhmet - "Powerful Female"
Goddess of war & destruction.
Syncretic god of the afterlife.
Seth - "To Dazzle"
God of chaos; killed Osiris.
Sobek - "Watching Over You"
God of crocodiles.
Goddess of the star 'Sirius.'

Tauret - "the Great One"
Goddess of women & home.
Thoth - "Leader"
Ibis-god of wisdom & the moon.
Tefnut - "Sky-Spittle"
Goddess of moisture & rain.

Wepwawet - "Opener of the Ways"
Usher of the dead.

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