(Maahes, Mahes, Mios, Miysis)

Symbols: lion, knives, lotuses
Cult Center: Leontopolis

Mihos was a lion-god and the son of Bastet. He was depicted as a lion or a lion-headed man. When shown as a lion-headed man, Mihos would wear a short kilt and any one of a number of headdresses. He would often be shown holding a knife and with a bouquet of lotuses near him.

He helped Re in the daily battle against Apep. Mihos was a god of war and a patron of sacred places. A late Greek text described him as a god of storms and darkness.

Mihos was the local god of Leontopolis (Taremu) in Nome 11 of Lower Egypt. The ancient buildings have not been well preserved, and there is some debate on the age of the temple ruins. There may have been a temple to Mihos in Leontopolis as early as the 18th Dynasty. Osorkon III built a temple was built for him in the 23rd dynasty in Bubastis (the sacred town of Bastet).

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