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Regional Mythology

It is a common misconception that all of the ancient gods were universally worshipped throughout ancient Egypt. Rather, each region in Egypt, called "nomes", venerated certain gods above others. Below is a guide to the mythology of the different nomes of Egypt and the country as a whole.

the Nomes & their Gods, A. McDevitt
The nomes of Egypt and their preferred gods.
the Ennead of Heliopolis, A. McDevitt
Information about the religious beliefs of the "Sun City" of Heliopolis, where Re was especially revered.
the Ogdoad of Hermopolis, A. McDevitt
All about the cosmology of the "city of Thoth, and the "Eight."
the Triad of Elephantine, A. McDevitt
A brief introduction to the cosmology of the peoples of the Nile island of Elephantine, where Khnemu was supreme.
the Triad of Thebes, A. McDevitt
Facts regarding the city where Amon rose from obscurity to become the "King of the Gods."
the Triad of Memphis, A. McDevitt
Learn more about "White Walls", where the god Ptah created all that is.

General Information

In order to understand the mythology of any people, it is important to first understand the land and lifestyle in which they live. The documents you will find here will help you in this endeavor. Some of these are not an original work, and when possible the credits for the work are found in the document.

Ancient Egypt, Joanne O'Brien
A great essay that briefly explains most of what you need to know about the ancient land of Egypt.
Fast Facts about Modern Egypt, A. McDevitt
Quick almanac-ish facts about modern Egypt, including a map of the country.
the Funerary Texts, A. McDevitt
Heard about the Pyramid Texts, Coffin Texts, or the Book of the Dead, but have no idea what they are? This article will explain.
A Chronology of Egypt, A. McDevitt
A short timeline of Egypt.
Headdresses of the Gods, A. McDevitt
This chart will help you identify many Egyptian deities from their iconic headdresses.
The Tombs and Religion, Bart Winer
Learn why the pharaohs built their grand tombs!
The Egyptian Farmer
A brief essay about the life of the Egyptian peasant farmer, who sustained the country and built the pyramids.
Life of the Rich, Bart Winer, et. al.
Learn more about the daily life of the wealthiest people in Egypt.
Common Myths about Cleopatra, A. McDevitt
Everything you thought you knew about Cleopatra, but didn't really.
Grave Robbers, Ceram
Information about the robbers who looted the tombs of the pharoahs in antiquity.
the Zodiac, A. McDevitt
Images of the Babylonian zodiac, as imagined by the Egyptians.
Who built the Pyramids of Giza?, Gayle Young
New revelations regarding whose hands actually built the mighty pyramids.
Ancient Abuse
Evidence of domestic abuse from the body of an ancient Theban woman.
50 Sons of Rameses, Shanti Menon
The discovery of the final resting place of the sons of Rameses II.
King Tut's Tipple, Menon Menon
Ancient Egyptian beer
the Mummy Unwrapped, Kathy A. Svitil
The examination of the mummy of a woman that died of a tooth infection.
The Mummy: What They Got Wrong, A. McDevitt
Factual errors in the 2000 Universal Studios release of The Mummy.
Mummification: How did the Egyptians perfect their techniques?
Did the Egyptians learn how to mummify their dead by using skeletons?

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