the Resources

Theban Mapping Project
An awesome site on the current efforts to scientifically map all of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
The British Museum - Egyptian Collection
The website of the British Museum's Egyptian collection. Lots of fun stuff here for the kids.
Michael C. Carlos Museum
The Egyptian collection of the museum at Emory University.
Egypt and Art
by Richard Deurer, an artist inspired by Ancient Egypt.
Gods and Mythology of Ancient Egypt
Sponsored by the the Official Site of the Ministry of Tourism, very comprehensive!
Pyramids -- the Inside Story
An excellent site detailing an ongoing excavation of the bakery that supplied bread for the workers who built the pyramids. Also, basic information about the pyramids themselves.
Netjer - the One God of the Ancient Egypt
This is an excellent summary of the the ancient Egyptian dieties.
The Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian
If you have ever wondered how exactly the Egyptian language was spoken, this essay is a big help.
Encyclopedia Mythica: Egyptian Mythology
Use the link to explore the Encyclopedia Mythica's articles about ancient Egypt.
Sniper Games
A collection of shooting and sniper online free flash games.
Life in Ancient Egypt
Presented by the Carnegie Musuem, this is a wonderful site full of details about daily life along the Nile.
British Museum, Dept. of Egyptian Antiquities
Fantastic site by the British Mueseum spotlighting their outstanding collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts.
Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
A real labor of love with lots of fun activities and resource materials.
The Ancient Egypt Site
by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnear, lots of information about all aspects of Egyptian history and culture.
Egyptology Resources
The first Egyptology site on the web, by Nigel Strudwick.
The Egypt Archive
Beautiful copyright free images from Egypt.
Neferchichi's Tomb
Free Egyptian clip art
APIS, Advanced Papyrological Information System
Awesome database of ancient papyrus documents from Egypt.


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