the Myths

It is a universal truth that the myths of all cultures are the attempts of people to explain the world in which they live. So too, are the myths of ancient Egypt. Within the great epic myths are explained many smaller mysteries of life along the Nile. While enjoying the major epics, be sure to notice the explanations of the Egyptian universe within them. Enjoy!

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the Story of Re
The story of the creation, Re's revenge of mankind and how Isis tricked Re into telling her his secret name.
Isis and Osiris
How Seth murdered Osiris and how Horus avenged his father.
the Seven Year Famine
The story of how Khnemu saved Egypt from the ravages of a seven year long famine.
the Princess of Bekhten
How the god of the moon, Khonsu saved the life of a princess during the 19th Dynasty.
the Prince and the Sphinx
The story of how a prince became king when he promised to do the famous Great Sphinx of Giza a favor (1405 BC)...
the Doomed Prince
The unfinished fable of a prince who is doomed to die.
the Peasant and the Workman
The 12th Dynasty tale of a peasant on a quest for justice.
the Golden Lotus
A magical 4th Dynasty story reminiscent of the famous parting of the Red Sea by Moses in the Bible.
the Girl with the Rose-Red Slippers
Perhaps the first "Cinderella" fable ever told! It was recorded during the 26th dynasty
the Greek Princess
The Egyptian view of the Trojan War!
the Shipwrecked Sailor
The incredible tale of the lone survivor of a shipwreck.
the Book of Thoth
The story of two men who sought the book written by the hand of Thoth containing all the wisdom of the world.
the Great Queen Hatshepsut
Taken from her temple at Deir-El-Bahri, this myth relates the official story of Hatshepsut's conception and birth.
Isis and the Seven Scorpions
This short myth adds to Isis' reputation as the goddess 'great in magic.'
Se-Osiris and the Sealed Letter
The story of how a young magician foiled an Ethiopian plot against Egypt.
the Land of the Dead
The myth of the only two people to visit the Duat, the land of the dead, and return to tell all about it.
the Adventures of Sinuhe
The story of Sinuhe - an official of Pharaoh's court who goes on the run when the king is assassinated.
the Treasure Thief
The legend of the Treasure Thief who outwitted Rameses III.
Bulfinch's Mythology: Egyptian Deities
Bulfinch's take on Egyptian mythology. It is very Greek-oriented, for example Seth is called Typhon. He gives the myth of Isis and Osiris, information about the Apis bull and other writers' views on Egyptian gods.

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