Picture of Nefertem 'Nefertem'


Symbols: lotus, perfume
Cult Center: Memphis

Nefertem was an ancient sun-god of Lower Egypt. He was important to various creation myths. Nefertem was associated with the young boy (Atum) who emerged from the lotus of Nun at the beginning of time. It was this boy that shed the tears from which all of mankind emerged. Due to this relationship, Nefertem was often called "the young Atum".

The lotus from which Nefertem emerged was sacred to him from the earliest times. He was almost always depicted as a man wearing the lotus and two plumes on his head. It was said that Nefertem brought Re a sacred lotus to ease his suffering.

Nefertem was a member of the holy triad of Memphis. He was the son of the god Ptah and the goddess Sekhmet. In Buto, he was called the son of the cobra-goddess Buto.

In art, Nefertem was usually portrayed as a man wearing the lotus and two feathers on his head, sometimes this elaborate headdress also included two menet necklaces. Occasionally, Nefertem was also shown as a lion-headed man.

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