Picture of Wepwawet, notice the gray head Wepwawet


Symbols: uraeus, king's placenta(?)
Cult Center: Abydos, Lycopolis, Quban, el-Hargarsa, Memphis, Sais

Wepwawet was a jackal-like funerary deity, whose name means "opener of the ways". Unlike Anubis, who was also jackal-like, Wepwawet was shown with a gray or white head. This leads some to believe that he may have originally been associated with the wolf. During the 12th Dynasty, Wepwawet was replaced by Khentyamentiu, a mummiform god, as the god of the Abydos necropolis and then finally by Osiris himself. Wepwawet was the nome god for the 13th nome of Upper Egypt, which the Greeks called "Lycopolis" (Wolf City).

Wepwawet's role was to protect and lead the deceased through the Underworld (hence his name). He also accompanied the king while hunting and while in this capacity was called "the one with the sharp arrow who is more powerful than the gods." Wepwawet was also thought of as a messenger and the champion of royalty. Like Shu, he was said to be "the one who has seperated the sky from the earth."

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