Picture of Sokar



Cult Center: Memphis
Symbols: barque (on a sledge), onions, geese

Sokar was a god of rebirth and rejuvination that was depicted as a man with a falcon's head. Frequently, Sokar was mummiform yet with a falcon's head. He wore the white crown and held a sceptre and whip.

The Pyramid Texts describe Sokar as aiding in the re-birth of the king and transferring the divine royal powers to the deceased king's son and heir. In the Middle Kingdom, Sokar became involved specifically in the transfiguration of the body following death and the Opening of the Mouth ceremony. At this time, Sokar became associated with Ptah for his ability as a metallurgist and regenerative qualities.

In the Book of the Dead (a New Kingdom text) Sokar became Sokar-Osiris, and a nighttime incarnation of the sun. Sokar enabled the sun to complete its nightly journey through the Underworld, and to be reborn each morning.

Sokar was worshipped in several chapels within the larger temples of Egypt. As of yet though, no evidence exists that he had a temple of his own.

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